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Our immune system is the most successful therapy in the history of biopharmaceuticals, but mimics have been hampered by the system’s inherent immense diversity.

What if the curative mechanism of the immune system could be translated into therapeutics, disease prevention and diagnostics?  

About Us



Founded and resourced by Flagship Pioneering. Origination inside Flagship Labs


Development of proprietary Cogen Engine technology for Antigen-TCR decoding



Seven therapeutic programs actively in development in immunological diseases


Our Team

We are growing exponentially. Check back soon to see how our team has changed!

Our Technology

The Cogen Engine is a proprietary multi-component process that integrates state-of-the-art technologies from synthetic biology, protein engineering, micro-fluidics, biomaterials, single-cell sequencing and machine learning. It enables complete functional decoding of antigen-TCR interactions in parallel with comprehensive identification of T-cells within a given pathology. The process has a high throughput, is quantitative and resolves immense antigen libraries’ binding to native TCR diversity in the human immune system. This unprecedented approach allow us to gain unique insights into previously unknown antigens as well as classify “convergent” TCR responses otherwise perceived as different based on sequence.

Comprehensive Discovery Platform

  • Unbiased, supervised antigen discovery combined with single cell functional immunology and advanced predictive analytics enable understanding of selective immune responses to disease.

  • Data is self organized into Repertoire Action Maps, which provide unique actionable insights for immune medicine, from therapeutics and vaccines to predictive tools for disease progression and predisposition.


Integrated Therapeutics Platform


Selective TCR T-cells and peptide based therapeutics

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Potent and safer vaccines with known cross-reactivity

Treatment selection, monitoring and diagnosis.

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Treat and monitor healthy immune state.


The Cogen Engine produces data designed to impact the entire healthcare journey. It quantifies, annotates and resolves immense antigen libraries’ binding to TCRs generating validated leads for therapeutics and vaccine development. It also generates data that will improve clinical decision making and overall immune health.   

Career Opportunities

If you enjoy working in a dynamic and challenging work environment and are looking for an opportunity to join a stellar team of professionals, we invite you to apply online for one of our open positions.

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